To be a Christian is to be a warrior.

The good soldier of Jesus Christ must not expect to find ease in this world: it is a battle-field.

Neither must he reckon upon the friendship of the world; for that would be enmity against God.

His occupation is war.

Jan 4, 2014

SOLDIER of the Cross

SOLDIER of the cross…art thou ready for battle?

Examine thyself…examine thy fruit…

Does thine HEART burn for HIM…



Has thine HEART been purified by the fear of GOD!?

Is thine EYE SINGLE in focus…

Is thine ear INCLINED to HIS VOICE…

Are thine lips circumcised to speak HIS TRUTH…

Have thine fleshly desires been put to death by the power of His Spirit?

Have thine thoughts been purified and purged by the washing of HIS WORD?

Have thou exercised thyself unto holiness, obedience, faith and godliness…

In the secret place of prayer, dost thou delight in the presence of the KING of KINGS?

Is thine HEART fixed upon the eternal Kingdom of God and His Christ?

Art thou ready, SOLDIER, to quit thyself like a man of WAR?

Art thou endued with power from on high?

Art thou ready to face the enemy? Hast thou donned the armor of the KING?

Hast thou girded on the SWORD for the fight….?

NOW…art thou ready to engage and overcome thine adversary?

To enter into dragon’s dens and devils haunts, and fight with thy glistening SWORD of TRUTH…

To cut to the ground and utterly demolish every evil stronghold and refuge of lies that hold captive
countless thousands of eternal souls?

Art thou ready to expose the kingdom of darkness and lay plain the face thereof..
that others may see, and tremble and fear the name of the Living God?

To stand alone, if need be, and defend those that cannot defend themselves?

To vanquish devils, heal the sick, set captives free?

Art thou ready, Soldier of the Cross…to take up thy SWORD and enter the fray?

To use thy most powerful weapon of war to bring LIGHT and TRUTH
to SPLIT the darkness like a garment rent in two?

Art thou ready to give ALL to the cause of CHRIST?



  1. Lock & Load.... We are in The Greatest War In The Universe....But most Professing Christians are not fighting in this War... They are POW's....They Prisoners Of War.... Get out Christians and put the Armour Of God On !...Pick up your Sword and get out on the front line (Streets)

    1. Amen! That is where the REAL battle unfolds! ALL SOLDIERS to the front lines!!! The battle cry has sounded through the camp...Amen!!!

      Ephesians 6:12
      For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  2. No chocolate soldier's allowed. "Fight the good fight of faith. Lay hold on eternity." Amen